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   Since getting out of the Army I have never missed a Christmas at home. Whether I was working Construction in Nevada ,or on the road in a truck, my kids always knew that Dad would make it home for Christmas.
 We had FamiltyChristmas on Saturday this year. I guess I have finally succumed to adjusting the Holiday to fit our schedule as opposed to fitting the schedule to the Holiday.
   I'm sitting here alone on Christmas Day sticking to my guns about working Christmas everyone else works. Hmmmm.  I sense some irony there.:)
  I'm not depressed or feeling lonely. Thanks to the internet I have talked to my adopted son stationed inGermany. My oldest and his family in Phoenix as they could not make it this year,and several relatives that live too far away to visit.
  I am however sitting here marveling at how the world has changed since I was a young boy waiting to hear Santa Claus...I never could stay awake that Waiting during the day to hear that old Rotary Dial phone ring as some relative that could also afford a phone would call for a hurried Merry Christmas wish.
  There were some tough years back then when there wasn't much under the tree,but somehow Mom and Dad managed . You knew there would be the jeans and sweaters to get through the school year with and usually 1 toy from :Santa: Hopefully a TONKA TRUCK...Yep you were top dog in the neighborhood and envy of everyone if you got a Tonka
  Ohhhhh  how times have

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